The Oxygen Sports Village produces superb corporate events: creatively conceived, strategically planned and beautifully executed. Impeccable in every detail of design and ambience, they provide the perfect setting for building your brand and the relationships most important to you

Whether your goal is to motivate and inspire your people or to showcase your company at its best, we’ll help you get the dynamics exactly right. We consider every aspect of your guests’ experience: the space, the food, the service, the tiny inspirational touches that add up to a truly special event.


Plan your child’s birthday party at the Oxygen Sports Village, Our Birthday Party Package is for children 12 years of age and younger. Read on for a host of fun, creative, unique ideas that will set your kid’s party apart from the herd.

Please note that any pavilion booked for anything other than a birthday party for a child 12 years or younger (i.e. meetings, girl scout/boy scout troops, church groups, etc.) will be immediately cancelled and refunded.


Party games are a surefire way to break the ice and bring people together. While some games require a deck of cards, a game board or a handheld gadget, there are tons of games you can play with little to no investment.

The easiest way to play this classic game is to have one player act out a word or phrase while others guess what they’re trying to portray. However, if you want to allow players to use words or noises, or even incorporate props, you can make the rules.


Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed to improve the efficiency of the process, rather than the interpersonal aspect of it.

Over time, these activities are intended to instill practices for accomplishing tasks in a team-based environment. Team building is categorized as one of the foundations of organizational development but can be applied to a multitude of cooperative groups, such as sports teams, school classes, divisions of armies, or flight crews.


Annual Sports Day is an important event in the life of every school. Sports themselves have a vital role in making a child sound physically as well as mentally.

On the ground, in communities across the Telangana, organizers will hold Sports Day events, with community-wide festivals, try-it days, open houses, games, competitions, meet-and-greets, tournaments, fun runs, spectator events and pep rallies that celebrate sport at all levels.


The School Annual day is perhaps the function that are most eagerly await each year. this year too we had begin to prepare well in advance on the day of the function the entrance to the hall had been beautifully decorated with flowers and glittering banner. A flower-bedecked path to the hall where the function was to be held as the parents took their seats the function started as the student performed to a Variety of songs and dances.

the teachers along with the choreographers and the students worked very hard to put up a great show and the result was evident by the performance of the children The parents were very excited about the performance and felt very proud of their children.