Volleyball can be a lot of fun to play. To play with friends you can play with any number of people and most anyone can join in. To be a competitive player takes lot of practice. Good height and jumping ability helps a lot.


An indoor volleyball is typically white, but may have some other colors as well. It's round with 8 or 16 panels and is usually made of leather. The official indoor volleyball is 25.5 -26.5 inches in circumference, weighs 9.2 - 9.9 ounces, and has 4.3-4.6 psi air pressure. A youth volley ball is slightly smaller. Beach volleyballs are slightly bigger, weigh the same, but have much less air pressure.

The volleyball court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide. It's divided in sides in the middle by the net. The net is 1 meter wide and is set up so that the top of the net is 7 feet 11 5/8 inches above the ground (right around 8 feet). The only other key feature is a line that is drawn on each side 3 meters from the net and parallel to the net. This line is called the attack line. It defines the front row and back row areas.